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Lodi is an overachiever — in all the unhealthy places

The Healthy Lodi Initiative was created in response to the sobering statistics about the health of our community. Many diseases afflicting us today can be reduced, slowed or even prevented with simple lifestyle changes. And while Californians tend to lead lifestyles that are healthier compared to residents in other states, the exception is the Central Valley — in particular San Joaquin County, home of Lodi.

Unhealthy Behaviors

 Lodi & SJ CountyCalifornia
Physical Inactivity22%18%
Adult Obesity36%25.1%

Source: State of Obesity

It appears our children are also outweighing the rest of the state as well:

Students who are overweight or obese

 Lodi & SJ CountyCalifornia
5th Grade44.3%40.7%
7th Grade41.4%38.7%
9th Grade40.9%37.2%



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